Covid-19 December Update

Dear BAC Family,
December has arrived. The pandemic has begun to impact many of our lives in ways we had hoped it never would. Some have personally fought it or are fighting it. Some are mourning the loss of loved ones to it. Others have been on their knees in prayer for our loved ones who are fighting it. No matter what, our church family will continue to go through this together.
On November 12th, we made the difficult decision to suspend in-person gatherings through the end of November. We felt it was the wisest and most humble course of action we could take as the Church. Throughout this we continued to meet weekly to pray for you all and seek direction for how to proceed forward through this pandemic. The pandemic has not diminished. Cases continue to be high, hospitals in our area continue to be at dangerous levels, and our own church family continues to be impacted by the virus. Because of this, we have made the decision to continue to suspend in-person gatherings through the month of December.
Celebrating the Christmas season will look different this year. We are prepping and planning some unique ways for us to celebrate the birth of Jesus this December, but we promise that we will continue to do the two things that the church is called to-the gathering of believers and the proclamation of the Gospel. While it will not take place in-person, this will happen on Sundays via Facebook Livestream. If you have not already, smash that like button on our Facebook page, then plan to join us at 10:02 AM for our worship gathering.
If you have any questions, please reach out to one of us. We look forward to engaging with you on Facebook this Christmas season every Sunday at 10:02 AM. Merry Christmas!
Always here, and Always for Jesus
BAC Elders


Covid-19 Decisions

Dear BAC Family,

Life has been anything but “normal” these past months. Throughout this pandemic, we, the elders, have had to make some tough decisions. We have continued to try to move with the Spirit’s wisdom and humility throughout it all. We have regularly been on our knees alone and together. We have desired to follow Jesus while continuing to proclaim Jesus.

Back in March we took a hard step and suspended all in-person activities for nearly two months. God continued to move during that time. We saw many join us online, lots of people for the first time. We witnessed the Gospel go out on social media. We saw our church family come together in ways that encouraged us all. Throughout it all, two key things that the church is called to continued-the gathering of believers and the proclamation of the Gospel.

It is now November 12th. While we hoped we would not have to suspend in-person gatherings again, we believe this is a decision that must be made once again. COVID-19 continues to impact our community. Cases are rising, hospitals in our area are at dangerous levels, and our own church family is being impacted. We believe that the wisest and most humble course of action is to suspend in-person gatherings for the rest of November.

Starting this Sunday, November 15th, we will once again be meeting on Sundays via Facebook Livestream. If you have not already, smash that like button on our Facebook page, then plan to join us at 10:02 AM for our worship gathering.

If you have any questions, please reach out to one of us. We hope to see you on Facebook on Sunday at 10:02 AM.

Always here, and Always for Jesus
BAC Elders


Reopening BAC’s Doors


Moving Forward in Covid-19

Hello friends,
Many of our worlds have been flipped upside down by COVID-19. Regular routines and activities have been put on pause and postponed. Our government is declaring state of emergencies all around us, including our very own state-Iowa. With this comes some changes around here at Bethany Alliance Church.
We have been closely monitoring the situation by gathering information from the CDC, Iowa Department of Public Health, White House, and If you would like accurate and up-to-date information on the situation, we encourage you to check out these websites:
  1. The Center for Disease Control
  2. Iowa Department of Public Health
  3. The White House
  4. The State of Iowa


Following the state of Iowa’s prohibition on gatherings of 10 or more we have made the decision to play our part in helping stop the spread of the virus. Thus we are suspending all on campus ministries, activities, and events. This includes things like but not limited to Sunday morning worship service and Wednesday night student and children’s ministries. Our suspension of gatherings will remain in effect until further notice.
The great news is that we will continue to Livestream our services on Facebook every Sunday morning at 10:02. We are thankful that we took the steps a couple years back to begin livestreaming. It has prepared us well for such a time as this. We invite every one of you to continue to join us on our livestream starting this Sunday, March 22nd.
Connection continues to be one of our primary focuses at Bethany Alliance Church as we are called to “not neglect to meet together” (Hebrews 10:25). Moving forward, helping each of us connect will have to look a little different. But we believe that we have laid the foundation through our connection groups. We cannot encourage you more at this time to be in a connection group. Through our connection groups we will provide unique ways to gather and grow in the Lord. If you would like to find a connection group, please contact us, your pastors.
We know that these are trying times but let us not forget the truth we cling to that we were reminded of this past Sunday. Paul tells Timothy, “for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.” (2 Timothy 1:7). We do not need to fear for ourselves or the church because Jesus is our refuge. We must live with the sacrificial love that Jesus displayed in his life and death in order to help a hurting world. And we must live wisely taking into consideration the guidelines experts are declaring. Our prayer for each and everyone of you in these days is that you will be remembered as a person who really lived with a spirit of power and love and self-control.
Always here and always for Jesus!

Elder Team


Bethany Alliance Elders Response to Covid-19

Bethany Alliance Church Family,

As the Coronavirus (or COVID-19) becomes more widespread, we want to communicate our approach to this as a church.  We believe there are two important values for us to hold in tension: First, we highly value gathering together as a church.  Second, we want to exercise wisdom in keeping our members from imminent and unnecessary risk. As we hold these two values in tension, here are some factors that guide us through this process.  

First, the highest priority for us will always be the gathering of the church body when there is not unnecessary risk.  This is an emerging, rapidly changing situation but, at present, the risk of infection is low enough locally (click here to view most recent Iowa Department of Public Health Coronavirus update) that we should continue to gather for Sunday worship and weekly ministries.

Second, while our value for gathering is high, we are also aware that there could be future scenarios where conducting our Sunday gatherings and other ministries as usual would be an unwise risk. 

Given the current situation involving COVID-19, we are consulting two primary sources to assess risk: 

  • If the CDC would raise the travel level of the United States to Level 2 Travel Health Notice (See A Level 2 Travel Risk states that within a region or country, there is a “Sustained (ongoing) community transmission and the CDC recommends that older adults or those who have chronic medical conditions consider postponing travel to the following destinations.” Currently countries with a Level 2 Travel Risk or higher are Japan, Italy, South Korea, China, and Iran and / Or If the US government, the State of Iowa, or the City of Charles City mandated that there are no large gatherings of people or issued a mandated quarantine.

To this point we have not crossed these lines and therefore we will continue to gather for worship and for ministries as regularly scheduled. The Elders will be monitoring the movements of the Coronavirus. If either of the above criteria were crossed, we would act accordingly. 

As we move forward, we would encourage everyone to practice normal health precautions for cold and flu season: wash your hands regularly and stay home if you are feeling ill. If you aren’t feeling well or you are uncomfortable attending a public service, we have livestreaming options on Bethany Alliance Church Facebook page where you can interact with our whole service and others present. You can also always watch the sermon later in the week at For more information on recommended safety precautions, the CDC provides excellent guidelines online at

Additionally, we will be taking extra time each week to sanitize our supplies for Sundays, including tables, chairs, and kid’s ministry supplies. We’re also adding hand sanitizer to public spaces throughout the building. While we love the welcoming atmosphere at Bethany Alliance Church we encourage you to replace handshakes and hugs with fist bumps and waves.  

Lastly, the Gospel Coalition put out a great article on perspective in the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak for Christians entitled: “Worry is not our friend and panic is not our way”:

Please be praying for the Gospel to go forward in our country and in our world in this time of hardship and anxiety for many around the world. To God be the Glory in all circumstances.

Bethany Alliance Church Elders