Bethany Alliance Elders Response to Covid-19

Bethany Alliance Church Family,

As the Coronavirus (or COVID-19) becomes more widespread, we want to communicate our approach to this as a church.  We believe there are two important values for us to hold in tension: First, we highly value gathering together as a church.  Second, we want to exercise wisdom in keeping our members from imminent and unnecessary risk. As we hold these two values in tension, here are some factors that guide us through this process.  

First, the highest priority for us will always be the gathering of the church body when there is not unnecessary risk.  This is an emerging, rapidly changing situation but, at present, the risk of infection is low enough locally (click here to view most recent Iowa Department of Public Health Coronavirus update) that we should continue to gather for Sunday worship and weekly ministries.

Second, while our value for gathering is high, we are also aware that there could be future scenarios where conducting our Sunday gatherings and other ministries as usual would be an unwise risk. 

Given the current situation involving COVID-19, we are consulting two primary sources to assess risk: 

  • If the CDC would raise the travel level of the United States to Level 2 Travel Health Notice (See A Level 2 Travel Risk states that within a region or country, there is a “Sustained (ongoing) community transmission and the CDC recommends that older adults or those who have chronic medical conditions consider postponing travel to the following destinations.” Currently countries with a Level 2 Travel Risk or higher are Japan, Italy, South Korea, China, and Iran and / Or If the US government, the State of Iowa, or the City of Charles City mandated that there are no large gatherings of people or issued a mandated quarantine.

To this point we have not crossed these lines and therefore we will continue to gather for worship and for ministries as regularly scheduled. The Elders will be monitoring the movements of the Coronavirus. If either of the above criteria were crossed, we would act accordingly. 

As we move forward, we would encourage everyone to practice normal health precautions for cold and flu season: wash your hands regularly and stay home if you are feeling ill. If you aren’t feeling well or you are uncomfortable attending a public service, we have livestreaming options on Bethany Alliance Church Facebook page where you can interact with our whole service and others present. You can also always watch the sermon later in the week at For more information on recommended safety precautions, the CDC provides excellent guidelines online at

Additionally, we will be taking extra time each week to sanitize our supplies for Sundays, including tables, chairs, and kid’s ministry supplies. We’re also adding hand sanitizer to public spaces throughout the building. While we love the welcoming atmosphere at Bethany Alliance Church we encourage you to replace handshakes and hugs with fist bumps and waves.  

Lastly, the Gospel Coalition put out a great article on perspective in the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak for Christians entitled: “Worry is not our friend and panic is not our way”:

Please be praying for the Gospel to go forward in our country and in our world in this time of hardship and anxiety for many around the world. To God be the Glory in all circumstances.

Bethany Alliance Church Elders

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