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Seek: The Pursuit

Amos 9:1-5

God will destroy those who defile Him but save those who seek Jesus
Discussion Starter:
Share your favorite animal story
Read Amos 9:1-5:
What words/phrases/concepts stand out to you?
What questions do you have regarding the text?
If you could sum up the Passage in one phrase, what would you say?
How does this text apply to your own life?
Destroy (9:1-4):
Why do you think God chose the location he did to reveal the vision to Amos?
Why do you think the religion the Israelite’s were living defiled God?
How did there religion defile God?
Do you think God is justified in his anger?
In what way’s do Christians defile God?
Is there any way’s that you feel you defile God with your religion?
What do you need to do about it?
Recognize (9:5-7):
How do you think the Israelite’s described God before Amos spoke?
What descriptions does Amos give to God in 9:5-7?
What do these tell us about God?
Why is it significant that he named God?
What are some of the descriptions of God you would give?
Based off this and comparing it to Scripture are you worshiping God properly?
Are there any aspects and attributes of God you tend to forget?
Seek (9:8-15):
Why is it significant that God would preserve a remnant?
Who does he preserve that remnant through? (2 Sam. 7:12-13/Matt. 1:1)
What does it look like for someone to seek Jesus?
How do you need to take steps forward in seeking Jesus?

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