5 20 2020 Life In A Box

LIFE in a Box (5/20)

Washed with Tears


“Never Have I Ever” Instructions

  • Rules:
    • Put enough chairs out in a circle for every person playing minus 1
    • Have one person stand in the middle
    • The person in the middle says something they have never done before, and anybody that has done it must stand up and find a new chair.
    • The last person standing must now be the person in the middle


Teaching Follow-up

  • Ask:
    • Do you know anybody that is really bad? Do you try to avoid him/her?
    • What did the woman do with the perfume?
    • How did Jesus feel about what the woman had done?
    • What did the Important Leaders call the woman?
    • What did Jesus tell the woman about her sins?
    • What did the woman give to Jesus? What did this show Jesus meant to her?
    • Have you given Jesus your tears and treasure?

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