5 06 2020 Life in a Box

LIFE in a Box (5/6)

A Man Who Didn’t Have Any Friends (None)


“Never Have I Ever” Instructions

  • Rules:
    • Grab a couple family members
    • One person in the middle, every other person sits on a seat with one seat less than total people playing (counting the person in the middle)
    • The person in the middle says “Never Have I Ever…” and shares something they have never done before. Examples:
      • Been in 4th grade
      • Seen a shark in person
      • Worn a dress
      • Eaten a bug
    • Anybody that has done it, has to get up and switch seats. The person in the middle tries to sit in one of the empty seats. The last person standing is now in the middle.


Teaching Follow-up

  • Ask:
    • What was Zacchaeus’ job?
    • Why didn’t he have friends?
    • Why couldn’t he see over the crowd?
    • What did Zacchaeus do in order to see Jesus?
    • What did Jesus say to Zacchaeus when he saw him?
    • How do you think Zacchaeus felt knowing Jesus wanted to go to his house?
      • How would you feel knowing Jesus wants to visit you?
    • Did Jesus know what he was like and what he had done? Did Jesus love him?
      • Are there things that you have done that you think causes Jesus to not love you?
      • Is there anything you can do that would cause Jesus to not love you?
    • What did Zacchaeus stop doing after interacting with Jesus?
      • Why did he want to stop doing this?
      • What things do you want to stop doing knowing that Jesus loves you?

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