5 03 2020 Sermon Dig In

Seek: Cry Out

Amos 7:1-9

Knowing what is to come should cause us to cry out to Jesus


Discussion Starter:

  • Share a time when someone went above and beyond to keep you from harm.


Read Amos 7:1-9:

  • What words/phrases/concepts stand out to you?
  • What questions do you have regarding the text?
  • If you could sum up the passage in one phrase, what would you say?
  • How does this text apply to your own life?


Repent (7:1-3):

  • Why do you think destruction by locusts was so significant for the nation of Israel?
  • Do you think Amos responded rightly with repentance? Why or why not?
  • What did God show Israel through his relenting?
  • What would God need to use in your life to bring repentance?


Recognize (7:4-7):

  • In what way is God showing his power through fire?
  • Why do you think God would relent?
  • What did Israel realize about God and themselves because of it?
  • How does God show his power to you in your life?


Release (7:8-9):

  • Why do you think God showed the corruptness of these specific parts of Israel?
  • What was God showing Israel by not relenting in this way?
  • Are you holding onto anything that you need to release to the Lord?
  • What steps can you take to release evil to God?
  • How can your brothers and sisters in Christ help you?
  • How can you help your brothers and sisters in Christ?


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