4-8-2020 Life In A Box

Life In A Box (4/8)

The Captain of the Storm 


“The Floor Is Lava” Instructions

  • Scenario: All the floor is lava. Try to get from one spot in the house to another.
  • Rules:
    • Nobody can touch the floor (carpet, hardwood, laminate, etc…) but you can stand on other items in the room such as furniture, pillows, blankets, shoes, etc..
    • Using objects (pillows, blankets, etc..) lay them out on the ground to make a path
    • Work together to get from one side of the room to another, or from one room to another room
    • Added Challenge Options:
      • Objects (pillows, blankets, etc…) added to the floor become unusable after being on the floor for more than 20 seconds
      • Pick someone to be the lava monster. They can remove objects (pillows, blankets, etc…) that nobody is currently standing on. They must return them to a piece of furniture


Teaching Follow-up

  • Ask:
    • Why were the disciples afraid?
      • They thought the boat would sink.
      • They did not know who Jesus was.
      • They had no faith.
    • Did the disciples need to be afraid?
      • Yes
      • No
    • What did the disciples need to do to stop being afraid?
      • To get better at guessing the weather
      • To understand who Jesus is
      • To have faith in Jesus
    • What are you afraid of right now?
    • How can our story from today help you with your fear?

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