4 5 2020 Sermon Dig In

Humbly Glorified

Mark 14:3-9, Matthew 21:1-11, John 13:1-17

Jesus’ humbling led to his glorification

Discussion Starter:
  • Tell a story of a time when you saw humility on full display


Read Mark 14:3-9, Matthew 21:1-11, John 13:1-17:

  • What words/phrases/concepts stand out to you?
  • What questions do you have regarding the text?
  • If you could sum up the passage in one phrase, what would you say?
  • How does this text apply to your own life?


Who prepares Jesus (Mark 14:3-9):

  • How did Jesus show his humility by who anointed him?
  • What sort of example does Jesus set by who he surrounds himself with?
  • How can we follow his example by who we keep in our lives?


How Jesus prepares (Matthew 21:1-11):

  • What do you think of when you imagine a Conquering King entering his capital?
  • How does Jesus subvert expectations by entering differently?
  • In what ways can you “show up” for others like Jesus did?


What Jesus does to prepare (John 13:1-17):

  • What does the washing of feet show us about Jesus?
  • Are you willing to put others first by serving them as Jesus did?
  • How can you follow Jesus’ example in serving others this week?


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