4 29 2020 Life In A Box

LIFE in a Box (4/29)

The Friend of Little Children

“Chalk Walk” Instructions

  • Rules:
    • Get some chalk
    • Go outside
    • On a long stretch of cement (sidewalk, driveway, etc…), make a Chalk Walk
    • Put actions down on the sidewalk for people to follow using pictures. Examples:
      • Hop on one foot
      • Spin in circles
      • Make animal noises
      • Run
      • Jump
    • Do the Chalk Walk together


Teaching Follow-up

  • Ask:
    • Do you have to do something special to make sure your friends like you? What do you have to do?
    • Do you have to do anything to make Jesus love you?
    • What is the best gift you have ever received?
    • Jesus’ love is a ___________________
    • Have you accepted this gift?

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