4 22 2020 Life in a Box

LIFE in a Box (4/22)

Treasure Hunt

“Town Treasure Hunt” Instructions


  • Take time to walk/drive around your town as a family to find the following items
  • Take pictures at each stop
  • Do your best to find something you think fits each clue
  • Feel free to add clues to the list
  • Items:
    • Tallest structure
    • Longest Name of a road
    • Shortest Name of a road
    • Highest hill
    • Lowest point in town
    • Most open space
    • Oldest building
    • Newest building
    • Most colorful creation
    • Least colorful creation

Teaching Follow-up


  • What is one of your most treasured items?
  • What is the kingdom of God?
  • How is the kingdom of God like a hidden treasure?
  • How does the kingdom of God compare to your most treasured item? Why would it be better?

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