4 15 2020 Life In A Box

LIFE in a Box (4/15)

Filled Full

“Sandwich Filler” Instructions

  • Rules:
    • Hand a slice of bread to each person playing
    • Have each person pick a protein, a vegetable, a fruit, and a condiment that you have on hand
    • Have each person put their name on a slip of paper and put the paper into a bowl
    • Have each person draw a name from the bowl
    • From the name of the person you drew, you must now make and eat a sandwich using the items they have picked
  • Extra Notes:
    • Make sure nobody gets their own name
    • Make sure each item picked is prepared to eat before you consume (ie: cook an egg, brown hamburger, etc…)


Teaching Follow-up

  • Ask:
    • How many loaves of bread did Jesus have?
    • How many fish did he have?
    • How many people did Jesus feed?
    • Jesus could do this because he is ____________________!
    • What other things can Jesus do that others cannot do because he is God?

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